Mustang and Camaro end year in dead heat for sales crown.

The Chevrolet Camaro continued in its winning ways by capturing the market segment lead for a fifth straight month. The Camaro has bested the Mustang, and Challenger each and every month since its July debut, and left many wondering if the Bow-Tie brand would be able to capture the overall crown for the first time in over twenty years. General Motor’s pony car is riding high on pent-up demand since returning from a seven year absence. While the Camaro remained the segment leader for December, offering up 7,518 additional units, it was unable to wrestle the annual sales crown away from the rival Mustang. The Ford Mustang rode out the worst sales year in its 45 year history to eclipse the Camaro by a mere 4,975 units.

While the Camaro came up short their sales surge has set the tone for 2010. The Camaro ended the short sales year with 61,648 units sold, but is hoping that strong showing in 2009 will lead to an even better 2010. Ford is planning a mid year assault and will launch their 2011 models in the April of 2010.  They hope to close the horsepower gap (and sales gap) by introducing new engines for the GT and base models. The new GT will wear Ford’s iconic 5.0L insignia.


  1. How does the Mustang’s besting of the Camaro by nearly 10% more sales over 2009 qualify as a “dead heat”? Granted, the Cammy came late into the year, but it was fully expected that the pent-up demand would result in higher monthly sales figures. The real question that demands an answer is how many previous Mustang owners gave up their car in favor of a new Camaro or Challenger. My bet? Not many. I’m betting that the Camaro sales are based predominantly on the Bowtie folks finally having the new Camaro in the flesh and not really as a result of cannibalizing sales of Ford’s venerable pony car.

  2. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more!

  3. […] model and the  fire breathing  5.0 liter V8 GT. After the 2010 refresh the Mustang had its worst sales year ever last year. Ford is hoping the new engine power plants and an economic recovery help fuel sales […]

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