Bob Tasca Sr., legendary Ford Tuner dead at 83.

Long time Ford performance tuner and dealership owner, Bob Tasca Sr. died from complications resulting from a fall. He was 83.

Tasca approached Ford Motor Company in the mid 60’s in order to develop performance enhancements for the Ford Mustang which being dominated by competitors on the drag strips. His persistence and tuning led to the development of the 428ci engine and the 1968 Cobra Jet Mustang.  He developed a novel marketing scheme to sell performance parts at his dealership: “Win on Sunday. Sell on Monday.” -Which he was credited for coining. In 1969 Tasca toured the country in his 1969 Super Boss Mustang offering $1000 to anyone whose street machine could best his Boss. He was undefeated in 97 races.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally  issued a statement saying: “All of us at Ford are extremely saddened by the passing of Bob Tasca Sr. Bob was both a wonderful person and a true visionary in how he approached selling cars and trucks.”  Bob Tasca’s personal drive took him all the way to the both the Motorsports Hall of  Fame and the Mustang Club of America’s Hall of Fame. In Ford lore his name came be mentioned with the likes of Shelby, Iaccoca, Holman, Shinoda without trepidation.

Tasca’s “Win on Sunday. Sell on Monday”, mantra still holds true.  Mustang sales have long been sustained on the image that he helped cultivate in the 1960’s and 70’s. Bob Tasca Sr.’s grandson carries on the family tradition, and can be found piloting Ford’s Shelby Mustang Funny Car in the NHRA drag racing series.

In 2008 Ford Racing revived the Cobra Jet moniker. The name was carried over for the new 2010 Mustang platform as well.


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