Fiesta RS Coming to America: Ken Block World Rally Car

The European Fiesta has made it to our shores, but only in its watered down city dress. When the 2011 model goes on sell in a few months it will be a front wheel drive powered by an anemic 1.6L. However, the 1.6L power plant will be short lived, as Ford plans to introduce the 2.0L for the 2012 model year.

If Ken Block’s Monster World Rally Car is any indication the all wheel drive RS model is coming to America as well. Strip off the wild paint and decals you have the US Spec 2012 Ford Fiesta RS. Which analyst expect Ford will announce later this year.

The car was prepped by Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution, the same Swedish  that company that prepared Ford’s recent entry in the Pikes Peak hillclimb. Ken and his Italian co-driver Alex Gelsomino will compete in all six Rally America races before heading across the pond to compete in the World Rally stage. The 2.0L turbo assisted vehicle will also  be competing in the X – Games.



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  2. If Ford finally does bring a non water downed vehicle, I would definately moved to Ford immediately. I surely would love a 2.0L Fiesta RS. Better yet to have it AWD!

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