GM posts Camaro SS Burnout Clip… Why?

GM posted a video clip of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS on their YouTube Channel, and it left us wondering why? Sure the 6.2L powering the SS is good for a heart pounding 400 HP, and is the reigning testosterone king in the pony car arena. -BUT you would never know it watching this video clip. If anything GM displays their ineptness in social and viral marketing and media, or the driver’s inability t o turn that 400 horse-power into molten rubber. (He probably didn’t even have a mullet.) Our thought is: Fire Them Both. The idiot who thought that this video was good enough for the fan boys, and the mini van driver behind the wheel… Perhaps the driver was Fritz Henderson, and they did?


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  1. Awesome Horsepower for the new Camaro SS!…..;)

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