AutoTrader Classics Find of the Day: 1965 Shelby GT350 used in Shelby Driving School Mustang

Is your 401K under performing? Happen to have a cool million laying around, burning a hole in your wallet? If so, this race prepped 1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang is for you. The GT350 was 1 of 3 cars used in the Carroll Shelby School of High Performance . All 3 cars used at the school were modified by Shelby American to teach the art of high speed driving and maneuvers. Only one of the other 2 cars is currently accounted for and is on display At the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. This is number car 2 of 3, and its pedigree is fully documented in the Shelby Registry.

So, what happened to the Carroll Shelby School of High Performance? It went on to become the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. The most successful driving school of all time. .d

Found on AutoTrader Classics for a tidy $995,000 the Shelby is most likely bound for private collection or museum. However, with just 1,880 miles (of hard driving) on the clock this 289 Hipo Pony begs to be driven.  At the ask price of just under $1 million, if sold it would become the highest selling Mustang of all time. Look for this Pony to change hands closer to $725,000.

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  1. the driving schools in our area are quite good in giving basic driving lessons, however not with Shelby Mustangs 🙂

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