AutoTrader Classics Find of the Day: 1975 Mustang II factory turbo prototype

Classify this under what if: What if the Burt Reynolds had piloted a Mustang II in Smoky & The Bandit instead of the Firebird? What if the V8 hadn’t disappeared from the lineup in 1974? What if Ford built a relevant (chose your own adjective: powerful, sporty, sinister, sexy) Mustang II instead of the watered down Pinto derivative that we all learned to loath so much.

By the 1973 the Mustang had been taken so much weight that it no longer resembled the sleek sports car that set the world on fire in 1964. With sales declining and the oil crisis looming Lee Iaccoca, now President of Ford Motor Co., sought to save the pony car by order a lighter more fuel efficient car. The new trimmed down Mustang was a sales success and helped Ford combat a wave of Japanese imports. It may have saved the brand, but it lost its soul.

The 302 V8 returned in 1975 but with 2-barrel carburetor putting out a bare bones 122 horsepower. Ford engineers turned to TurboSystems of Medina, Ohio for help. TurboSystems built this one of a kind 3.0L Turbo to showcases ideas. The Turbo V6 put 300+ horsepower to the ground, and is more advanced than the turbo powered 4 banger that debuted as the SVO in 1984. It featured a alcohol/water injection system, functional disc brake scoops (inspired by the 1965 Shelby GT350 R), and an independent rear torison bar suspension with in board disc brakes for less unsprung weight.This is not your garden variety Mustang II, it is car that could have answered so many what ifs.

The lone surviving prototype has a mere 2900 miles of the clock and is a bargain for $15,000.

Source (AutoTrader Classics)

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