A Car to Build Your Cathedral (House) Around

Ford GT40 Home

The Ford GT40 just happens to be one of the sexist cars man ever made. Some might say owning / driving a GT40 is better than having sex, and those who do say it to their spouses find themselves suddenly having none. So, if you are lucky enough to have a set of keys in your pocket belonging to the iconic Le Mans racer what would you do? Park it in a garage, or risk leaving it rotting in a trailer? Why not convert your garage into a loft and fall asleep each night with the lights just behold the GT’s amazing curves? Let’s face it; it’s a car you could build a Cathedral around. And you might as well. You already said it was better than sex and are sleeping alone anyway. You might as well enjoy your obsession while you can (the divorce papers are on the way).

Take a look inside one man’s castle in Sydney, Australia. Ford GT40 HomeThey lucky father of three was able to convince his wife to turn his warehouse garage into a living space for both the family and his car collection.

This project involved converting a large empty warehouse into a florist workshop and a luxurious residence to accommodate an Australian couple and their 3 teenagers and their collection of vintage race cars. Corben Architects convert the space into a showroom for the Ford GT40 and three bedrooms for the family. After all the car needs to be maintained in a climate control garage living space.

Photos by Steve Beck.


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