Sinkhole Develops in Charlotte Motor Speedway Infield

Sinkhole at Charlotte Motor Speedway

A sink hole developed in the infield of Charlotte Motor Speedway, just days before the track plays host to the NASCAR Bank of America 500, set to be held next weekend. The sink hole is 35ft deep, 20ft wife, and more than 75ft long! The hole developed due to the combination of a burst pipe and the speedway being built on the ground of a former landfill.

Track officials said the sinkhole would be fixed prior to the start of next weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup festivities,

“You may have heard about the sinkhole that developed in one of our infield display areas last Friday night due to recent heavy rains. The area was over a landfill and we found a 30 year old drain pipe that had deteriorated more than 35 feet below the ground surface. We are replacing the old pipe, backfilling the dirt and packing it down. No worries racing fans – it will be completed in time before Bank of America 500 week!”


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