Camaro sways election in Toronto mayorial race

O' Canada Camaro

Muscle cars don’t often decided the outcome of an election. Glad handing, kissing babies and parading about the town in a local made muscle car usually works well for most candidates, but it cost GTA (Greater Toronto Area) mayorial candidate, John Gray, the job.

2010 Camaro Police CarJohn Gray, the incumbent, ran a campaign focused on fiscal restraint and curbing taxation. A message that should have set well constituents, who have one of the highest residential tax rates in the GTA. -But when his opponent, city councillor John Henry, focused his campaign on the city’s new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Police Cruiser thing started to go awry for Mayor Gray.

It seems he hadn’t taken into account that GM had recently laid off several hundred workers from Oshawa Assembly Plant. Workers who had made the Camaro and who were now unemployed. They didn’t appreciate the city transportation budget being used on the Camaro, any more than appreciated being out of work, or John Gray for that matter; city councillor John Henry won in a landslide.


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