Gymkhana-cation: Ken Block SEMA & Gymkhana 3

Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta

Gymkhana-cation: Ken Block offers a Gymkhana education to lucky tickets holders at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Gymkhana-cation and eduction in Gymkhana.


I’ll be honest; the fad know as drifting bores me. That is not to say that drifting is not an art form. I appreciate a good four wheel drift, but “Drifting” as it has come to be known, well, sucks. When first described Gymkhana (pronounced “jim-ˈkä-nə, -ˈka-“) he said it was judged and timed drifting event. The parallel I drew was that Gymkhana was the Special Olympics of Automotive Gymnastics for drifters who wanted to rally, but couldn’t.

If you have seen Ken Block rally, it is more flash than substance. In time he may develop into one of the series premier drivers, but for now he is simply mediocre. But let’s face it there is only so much you can learn at rally school. True development comes with track time.

But after watching his Gymkhana (DC Shoes) informercials he has found his home in the driver’s seat. Rally purist will never fully embrace Gymkhana, but the series has nestled itself as the missing link between drifting and rally racing. Sure, great editing and having Ford and Monster Energy Drink’s deep pockets make from great videos, but it is equally as fun to watch in person. When Ford came calling in late October, asking if we would like some seat time with Ken Block in his Ford Fiesta during SEMA, how could we refuse?

Ken Block SEMA 2010: Ford out Front Gymkhana:

Ken Block Gymkhana 3:


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