2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Miss Evelyn debuts in the Chevrolet Camaro

Miss Evelyn Camaro Blonda -2011 Super Bowl CommercialClose your eyes, and picture your image of the ideal woman. That attractive, yet intelligent, down to earth with a super model body type of woman. Is she Blonde, Brunet, Asian or a Red Head? – It really doesn’t matter. She is the hot single school teacher we all lusted after in junior high… With a James Bondish sense of adventure.  Of course she loves muscle cars and digs guys who do, right? In this 60 second spot Chevy managed to put everyone of our stereotypical dream girls behind the wheel of a new Camaro.

What makes a good movie: intense action, plot twists, a good car chase (with the obligatory jump), helicopters, explosions, hot women, and a happy ending… right? Well Chevrolet hopes it makes good commercials as well.

They have two male narrators imagining their favorite commercial. They send a speeding 2011 Camaro through the desert, past mirrors, hay bales, and city traffic before launching it off the top of a parking deck and into a parking lot at the local elementary school.

The car of course is piloted by a series of gorgeous bombshells as the narrators let their minds wander. The final iteration is Miss Evelyn the local hot school teacher we all dreamed of dating. Did I mention my wife is a school teacher ?

Look for Miss Evelyn to debut on 95 million TV sets right after the MVP Trophy is awarded. All of this year’s Super Bowl ads were created by ad agency, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.  Chevrolet advertising returns to the Super Bowl after a four-year absence.


  1. ..Seventeen children sat around a rectangular table silent, attentive and watching their teacher…The fifth-grade class had been learning about Appalachian culture — one of Miss Evelyns favorite topics — But the boys were lost in thought… Thinking about eh super bowl ad, and the nice set of legs on their teacher.

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  3. i love it

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