2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Pint Size Lord Vader trys “The Force” on VW Passat

VW The Force Superbowl Commercial Darth Vader meets the Passat

Volkswagen partnered with Lucas Films for a 60 second spot that shows a pint size Darth Vader trying to unleash the Dark Side of the Force on several items before it finally succeeds on the 2011 VW Passat.

In what will most likely be one of the lighter yet heartfelt Super Bowl Commercials of 2011 VW pits the most notorious villain in the galaxy against the Passat.    A beleaguered young Lord Vader marches around the house to John Williams “Imperial March” while trying to use “The Force” on everyday household objects with little luck. The dejected youngster finally finds his power when confronts the Passat in the driveway.



  1. I am your father, Luke!

  2. […] “Miss Evelyn’s Wild Ride” spot has garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube. “The Force” from VW has become the most watched Super Bowl commercial online with nearly 29 million […]

  3. thnx bro

  4. Just discovered this site thru Bing, what a pleasant surprise!

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