Ebay Find of the Day: 1955 Dodge Panel Truck Complete With 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible Parked Inside

1955 Dodge Panel Van with 1976 Alfa Romeo

Occasionally when you purchase a vehicle off Ebay you get a  pleasant surprise. That added bonus like finding extra parts in the truck or change in the console. However, we found a 1955 Dodge Delivery Truck that just happens to have a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider hidden inside, with just 16,017 miles on the odometer.

In this Ebay Find Of The Day the real find is the ultra low miles, unrestored 1976 Alfa Romoeo Spider with just 16,000 miles on the odometer. But if you read the Seller’s AD the car is just the added bonus of buying the 1955 Dodge Panel delivery truck.

The opening bid was a mere $250 and that is where the auction currently sits with 6 days remaning. If you live in Edmonds, Washington (just outside of Seattle) this auction might be worth checking out. Here is the owner’s sparse description straight from the auction:

“This auction is for a 1955 Dodge delivery truck, originally owned by Hansen Bros. Storage in Seattle, WA. BONUS, the van comes with a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible that is currently housed in the back.

1955 Dodge Delivery Truck Model C1-HM6-162, VIN T3561415

1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Convertible, VIN AR3048974

Truck and convertible have been parked at a business for a number of years, neither are functional at this time.”



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  1. It sold for $1475!

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