Dodge Snowpocolypse Commercial Spoofs Winter Snow and End of World Epics

Dodge Snowpocalypse Commercial Blizzard

In one of the better non Super Bowl commercials we have seen in quite some time, Dodge spoofs our reaction to one of mother nature’s annual occurrences: winter. Sure parts of the country have experienced records snowfalls, bone-chilling temperatures, and even a blizzard or two (or more). But really, it is the dead of winter and if you live in a cold climate state…aren’t you prepared for it by now?

If you have an all-wheel drive Dodge vehicle, you are. Dodge is poking a little fun at the “apocalyptic” forecasts we can see ahead of winter storms with the below ad. It is a parody of great disaster flicks like “2012” and “The Day After Tomorrow” With the theme to Cape Fear setting the tone, this “Epic” ad pokes fun of the ways we lives. Rushing the grocery store to hoard up on milk, bread and electric blankets least it actually snows.

The all-new 2011 Dodge vehicles are designed with more than just the standout styling and on-road capability that enthusiasts crave – they empower parents with outstanding “snowpocalypse” performance capability that plows away their children’s hopes of any snow day.

And with all-wheel drive available on the all-new Durango, Charger and new Dodge Journey – owners of these new American performance machines will rethink how fun a “snow drift” can be.


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