Volkswagen’s “The Force” Named Most Effective Super Bowl Ad… Camaro’s “Miss Evelyn” Most Watched

Miss Evelyn Camaro Super Bowl Commercial

According to Nielsen, Chevrolet’s sultry school teacher “Miss Evelyn” and the Camaro made history during Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched television advertisement of all time. Volkswagen’s lovable Darth Vader in “The Force” was the most effective automotive spot to air during the Super Bowl. Continue reading

Motor City Minute: Kate Middleton Edition

Kate Middleton & Prince William

By now the whole world has heard of Kate Middleton. The stunning young woman who is now engaged to Prince William and poised to one day be queen. You have seen footage of her in fashionable attire, the 20 ct. sapphire engagement ring, and heard comparisons to the former Princess Diana. But to be honest we don’t care about all the fluff. We just have one question: What does she drive? Continue reading