Motor City Chronicles: Chevrolet Camaro turns 44

Pete Estes, Camaro Launch, September 29 1966

Motor City Chronicles.. On this date in Automotive History:

GM debuted the Chevrolet Camaro on September 29, 1966 as a 1967 model. Code name “Panther”, the Camaro went from concept to production in just eighteen months in order to compete with the wildly successful Ford Mustang. Continue reading

Vintage Crash Tests. How safe is your vintage iron?

1969 Ford Mustang Wreck

What do you drive? For the past fifteen years my daily driver has been vintage or near classic (20+ years old) for all but five of those years. Countless 1960’s Mustangs and Jeeps with a Miata recently thrown in for good measure. As I get older, I tend to learn more towards function over originality. Don’t get me wrong. I am an automotive purist. I’ll curse and mutter underneath my breathe if you turn your 1967 Mustang into Eleanor. If you do it to an original Shelby, well, I might even do it to your face. Don’t get me wrong your have every right to strut around thinking your Nicholas Cage, just don’t butcher a classic Mustang to do it. (If you feel urge to own an Eleanor buy a Dynacorn Mustang Body Shell and make that a clone of a clone. ) -But what I do think is that safe minded upgrades not only increase the drive-ability and value of your car… they just might save your life. Continue reading

Muscle cars battle for top position atop AutoTrader’s new car list

Ford decision to put the legendary 5.0 liter engine back in the 2011 Mustang GT is finnaly paying off. The Mustang wrestled away the top spot on AutoTrader’s new car list for the first time since the Chevrolet reintroduce the Camaro last year. Since may of 2009 the Camaro had reigned supreme on both AutoTrader’s board and dealership lots. Continue reading

2010 Camaro Synergy Special Edition

Chevrolet is opening up its box of Crayolas to produce the limited edition V6 Synergy Camaro.

“Synergy Green continues a long tradition of dramatic Camaro colors,” says Camaro historian Scott Settlemire. “Some of the most sought-after Camaros are first generation cars – those from 1967 to 1969 – in Hugger Orange, Daytona Yellow, and Rallye Green.”

The 2010 Camaro Synergy Special Edition is based on a Camaro 1LT, with a 3.6L direct injection V-6, paired with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The powertrain has become a benchmark for the segment by offering a combination of performance and efficiency: The V-6 delivers 304 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque, and returns up to 29 mpg on the highway. Continue reading

Camaro wins Popular Mechanics Design Award

2010 Camaro Wins Popular Mechanics Awards

GM picked up a coveted Popular Mechanics design award for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. The magazine awarded the Camaro based on its modern interpenetration of the Camaro’s classic Design. “The new Chevrolet Camaro is a fresh, thoroughly modern take on the 1967 original,” says Ben Stewart, Automotive Editor, Popular Mechanics. “While the design pays homage to the past, its big tires and taut proportions perfectly convey 21st –century muscle, and there’s some serious firepower under the hood to back that up.” Continue reading

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