Volkswagen’s “The Force” Named Most Effective Super Bowl Ad… Camaro’s “Miss Evelyn” Most Watched

Miss Evelyn Camaro Super Bowl Commercial

According to Nielsen, Chevrolet’s sultry school teacher “Miss Evelyn” and the Camaro made history during Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched television advertisement of all time. Volkswagen’s lovable Darth Vader in “The Force” was the most effective automotive spot to air during the Super Bowl. Continue reading

2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Miss Evelyn debuts in the Chevrolet Camaro

Miss Evelyn Camaro Blonda -2011 Super Bowl CommercialClose your eyes, and picture your image of the ideal woman. That attractive, yet intelligent, down to earth with a super model body type of woman. Is she Blonde, Brunet, Asian or a Red Head? – It really doesn’t matter. She is the hot single school teacher we all lusted after in junior high… With a James Bondish sense of adventure.  Of course she loves muscle cars and digs guys who do, right? In this 60 second spot Chevy managed to put everyone of our stereotypical dream girls behind the wheel of a new Camaro. Continue reading

Goon of The Day: 2010 Camaro SS Rental Jump and Wreck

Corvette and Camaro Avis Rental Car

You don’t rent a 2010 Camaro from Avis for the fuel economy or the cheap rates… You rent it for the experience, or so Avis says. Lets face it: there is a little goon in everyone. My inner goon breaks out every time I get behind the wheel of a rental. My wife rolls here eyes for the first hour while I practice my 0-100-0 times in a Chevy Chevrolet Cobalt.

So, why should expect anything different when a group of guys (goons) rent a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS and decide to capture video of themselves jumping railroad tracks at high speeds? Watch the video and resulting crash after the jump. Continue reading