Ford Motor Company opens its’ vault to offer more than 5000 images for license and sale.

1963 Cobra Daytona Coupe Assembly Shelby America

  • More than 5,000 images already available on site that launched in January,; target is for nearly 10,000 images to be available by 2012
  • Hundreds of images being added every week to site that is especially popular among car enthusiasts, dealers and just about anyone else with a connection to Ford
  • Millions of images in thousands of boxes ensure there will never be a shortage of new material available to the public
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Tips from a Legend, Parnelli Jones: Make your own passing lane

1970 Mustang Boss 302 Bud Moore / Kar Kraft with Parnelli Jones

Let’s face it Parnelli Jones was and is a bad a$$. You would have been too if you have grown up in Texarkana, Arkansas with a name like Rufus Parnell Jones. Him resume is a who’s who of racing titles on the world’s most prestigious circuits: Indy, SCORE, Baja, IMSA, NASCAR, and of course, Trans AM.

So, what tip can we learn from the legend of Parnelli Jones? -No course is ever too narrow to pass… Make your own passing lane if needed. And he did. Often running off course to pass “lap traffic” Take a quick look at one such pass after the jump! Continue reading

Gymkhana-cation: Ken Block SEMA & Gymkhana 3

Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta

Gymkhana-cation: Ken Block offers a Gymkhana education to lucky tickets holders at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Gymkhana-cation and eduction in Gymkhana.


I’ll be honest; the fad know as drifting bores me. That is not to say that drifting is not an art form. I appreciate a good four wheel drift, but “Drifting” as it has come to be known, well, sucks. When first described Gymkhana (pronounced “jim-ˈkä-nə, -ˈka-“) he said it was judged and timed drifting event. The parallel I drew was that Gymkhana was the Special Olympics of Automotive Gymnastics for drifters who wanted to rally, but couldn’t. Continue reading

The Boss is Back: 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Sure, the 5.0L returned for the revamped 2011 Mustang GT, but the 412 horsepower only put the Pony even with the Camaro… not in front. Ford fans were happy enough with the Coyote 5.0L engine, but worried that the new motor would be over shadowed with Chevrolet planning to tune the 6.2L SS and offer a supercharged Z28 for 2012. But Ford stepped up to the plate and brought back the Boss for 2012: The all new 440 HP Mustang Boss 302.

Its been more than 40 years since a Mustang bore the Boss insignia. “Boss is a hallowed word around here, and we couldn’t put that name on a new Mustang until we were sure everything was in place to make this car a worthy successor,” explains Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer.. “We were either going to do it right or not do it at all – no one on the team was going to let Boss become a sticker and wheel package.” Continue reading

Are you the next Ken Block? Ford Racing opens Rally School


Fiesta Rally School

We know you drive a Pontiac Sunbird, but you tell you friends that you drive like Colin McRae. And that you could school Ken Block if given the chance. Well, here is your chance: Ford Racing will supply 43 Fiestas from the Fiesta Movement to the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire.

  • Ford Racing will supply 43 Fiestas from the Fiesta Movement to the Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire for aspiring rally drivers
  • Team O’Neil Rally School will upfit Fiesta with a roll bar, rally suspension and off-road tires to be used in the school’s Ford Racing Fiesta Rally Experience and various rally racing programs
  • Ford Fiesta will be the global rally car for Ford Motor Company in 2011 and beyond running in FIA World Rally Championship and in Rally America

DEARBORN, Mich.,  – Last year, 100 European-spec Ford Fiestas arrived in North America for the Fiesta Movement. This summer, 43 of the Fiestas will receive a second life as Ford Racing teams up with Team O’Neil Rally School to create the Ford Racing Fiesta Rally Experience in Dalton, N.H. Continue reading

Ford Mustang out paces Chevrolet Camaro in June

2010 Ford Mustang & Chevrolet Camaro burnout
For the second time in as many months the new 5.0L power Mustang has outpaced the Chevrolet Camaro on its way to becoming the best selling sports car in America. The Mustang’s sales numbers increased nearly 18% to 8,974 units, while the Camaro slipped 19% to 7,540. Continue reading

2011 Mustang V6 averages 48.5 mpg lapping Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Mustang 1,000 Lap Challenge was designed to demonstrate that a stock production Mustang V-6 could run 1,000 laps and 533 miles on a single of tank of fuel. With the aid of fuel efficient driving techniques by Ford engineers, the Mustang far surpassed its goal of 1,000 laps. What surprised most Continue reading