Dodge Snowpocolypse Commercial Spoofs Winter Snow and End of World Epics

Dodge Snowpocalypse Commercial Blizzard

In one of the better non Super Bowl commercials we have seen in quite some time, Dodge spoofs our reaction to one of mother nature’s annual occurrences: winter. Sure parts of the country have experienced records snowfalls, bone-chilling temperatures, and even a blizzard or two (or more). But really, it is the dead of winter and if you live in a cold climate state…aren’t you prepared for it by now? Continue reading

Ken Block testing 2010 Fiesta Rally Car in Snow

Ken Block shakes down his 2010 Ford Fiesta RS Rally Car in preparation for the Rally America series. Enjoy a few moments of him wrestling his new whip, at 110 MPH, down the back roads of Gladwin, Michigan.