Tips from a Legend, Parnelli Jones: Make your own passing lane

1970 Mustang Boss 302 Bud Moore / Kar Kraft with Parnelli Jones

Let’s face it Parnelli Jones was and is a bad a$$. You would have been too if you have grown up in Texarkana, Arkansas with a name like Rufus Parnell Jones. Him resume is a who’s who of racing titles on the world’s most prestigious circuits: Indy, SCORE, Baja, IMSA, NASCAR, and of course, Trans AM.

So, what tip can we learn from the legend of Parnelli Jones? -No course is ever too narrow to pass… Make your own passing lane if needed. And he did. Often running off course to pass “lap traffic” Take a quick look at one such pass after the jump! Continue reading

Vintage Crash Tests. How safe is your vintage iron?

1969 Ford Mustang Wreck

What do you drive? For the past fifteen years my daily driver has been vintage or near classic (20+ years old) for all but five of those years. Countless 1960’s Mustangs and Jeeps with a Miata recently thrown in for good measure. As I get older, I tend to learn more towards function over originality. Don’t get me wrong. I am an automotive purist. I’ll curse and mutter underneath my breathe if you turn your 1967 Mustang into Eleanor. If you do it to an original Shelby, well, I might even do it to your face. Don’t get me wrong your have every right to strut around thinking your Nicholas Cage, just don’t butcher a classic Mustang to do it. (If you feel urge to own an Eleanor buy a Dynacorn Mustang Body Shell and make that a clone of a clone. ) -But what I do think is that safe minded upgrades not only increase the drive-ability and value of your car… they just might save your life. Continue reading

Gearhead Performance 2010 PONTIAC TRANS AM

Gearhead Performance is the latest company looking to channel your inner Bandit. Sadly, most Trans Am concepts we have seen so far have looked more worse for wear than… shall me say, a modern day Sally Field? This bird is the best of the bunch, and comes loaded 900 hp 6.2 liter twin turbo LS9 to attract the smokies keep you east bound and down, loaded up and trukin. We are sure to see this special option Camaro inspired Trans Am for sell before SEMA. Continue reading

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