2011 Super Bowl Commercials: Pint Size Lord Vader trys “The Force” on VW Passat

VW The Force Superbowl Commercial Darth Vader meets the Passat

Volkswagen partnered with Lucas Films for a 60 second spot that shows a pint size Darth Vader trying to unleash the Dark Side of the Force on several items before it finally succeeds on the 2011 VW Passat. Continue reading


Criagslist Ad of the Day: Will Trade Land for a Miata or Jeep

With the high rate of foreclosures, mortgage fraud, and the lagging economy buyers have found it harder to qualify for loans. However, one desperate land owner has come up with some creative owner financing. Interested in relocating to the scenic (rural) Upstate of South Carolina? If you have a travel trailer, Jeep, Miata or Beetle Bug Continue reading