Volkswagen’s “The Force” Named Most Effective Super Bowl Ad… Camaro’s “Miss Evelyn” Most Watched

Miss Evelyn Camaro Super Bowl Commercial

According to Nielsen, Chevrolet’s sultry school teacher “Miss Evelyn” and the Camaro made history during Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched television advertisement of all time. Volkswagen’s lovable Darth Vader in “The Force” was the most effective automotive spot to air during the Super Bowl. Continue reading

Tips from a Legend, Parnelli Jones: Make your own passing lane

1970 Mustang Boss 302 Bud Moore / Kar Kraft with Parnelli Jones

Let’s face it Parnelli Jones was and is a bad a$$. You would have been too if you have grown up in Texarkana, Arkansas with a name like Rufus Parnell Jones. Him resume is a who’s who of racing titles on the world’s most prestigious circuits: Indy, SCORE, Baja, IMSA, NASCAR, and of course, Trans AM.

So, what tip can we learn from the legend of Parnelli Jones? -No course is ever too narrow to pass… Make your own passing lane if needed. And he did. Often running off course to pass “lap traffic” Take a quick look at one such pass after the jump! Continue reading

UK Royal Marines change an Escort Engine in 30 seconds

Escort 42 Second Engine SwapYou thought only Canadian Armed Forces spent time practicing their quick change skills on quirky automotive projects like the Jiffy Jeep?  Check out this video of early 1980’s awesomeness (complete with mustaches)  of the UK Royal Marines swapping engines in an Ford Escort in thirty seconds flat. Continue reading

Happy 4th of July: Evel Knievel edition

Evel Knievel
I sat staring a blank computer screening trying to pen a post that best captured the American experience. Wondering how I could blend the grand American grand spirit of confidence and defiance with the throttle stomping love of all thing automotive… And absolutely nothing came to me.

I thought of my ten year old son, aptly named GT, and watching him tear across the yard on the lawn mower taking turns at full speed taking “hot laps”. -His reward for having mowed the lawn for the first time. It reminded me of an afternoon not so long ago, as he sat with me watching YouTube videos of one of my boyhood idols: Evel Knievel. -And how after watching hours and hours of jumps, landing , and crashes my son exclaimed, “Dad, that has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen”. Continue reading