Happy Flay Day: 1972 Mustang Sprint Edition

In 1972 Ford Executives were looking for away to show their patriotism by boasting sales. The plan? Build several models to commemorate Team USA’s participation in the XX Olympiad summer games in Munich, Germany and the XI Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo, Japan.

Sprint Edition Mustang first appeared in the spring of 1966, and continued to be a popular appearance package offered each year. The Mustang had debuted in 1964 as a 1965 model and had grown in size every two year until the 1971 refresh. Buyers began to shy away from the bloated pony in favors of Ford’s new lighter weight steeds the Pinto and Maverick which received the option as well.

The appearance package included a Wimbledon White paint job with Red and Blue hood and side stripes, chrome hubcaps, and a blue and white interior  in order to help Team USA bring home the gold. The promotion was a limited edition of only ( 9,383 ) Sportroofs, Coupes and Convertibles with the ” Red, White & Blue “ color styling.  A similar version was available with a Maple Leaf Shield for Canadian sales.

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