Chop Shop High: High School Teacher Arrested and 1969 Camaro Seized in Sting

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Restoration

A great many young men (and women) learn the art of working on cars from their high school shop teacher.  Students at Cedartown High School, near Rome, Georgia got a lesson in grand theft auto when their shop teacher was arrested in a chop shop sting.
The shop teacher, Richard Todd Haney, was one of fifteen arrested last year in chop shop sting. Haney had been instructed students who were restoring a 1969 Camaro.When cops hauled of Haney they took the cars too.
Now the Camaro’s owner is suing the school system for the $25,000 he has invested in purchasing the car, parts and the payments made to the school for the work the students had completed.  Michael Sams purchased the Camaro from Haney in April 2007 for $15,000, in addition to $9,115 that was paid out to CHS  over the course of the next to years to offset the cost of the restoration.
However, the Polk County School Board has said he had no contract with Sams, not insurance to cover the claim.
And the Camaro? It has been sitting in the impound yard uncovered since it was seized from the high school. The VIN had been “tampered” with, and the school retained no records of the work completed on the car.
Sam’s suit also states he was informed by Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd that a student, who was a relative of the chief, told him that Haney was instructing students to grind off VIN numbers in class.

Source: The Fish Wrap.
Photo Credit (SuperChevy, )


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